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VALGERAND Nordic tastes


Cold smoked Norwegian salmon  (S,G,N) - 70AED

Egg salad, Valgerand black bread & seasonal sides

Horseradish cream, crispy potato rösti, pickled onions & marinated cucumber

Norwegian salmon tartare   (D,G,S) - 68AED

Herb mayo, capers & dill

Ten days sea salt cured salmon   (D,S,G,N) - 70AED

Horseradish cream, Valgerand brioche bread & seasonal sides

Grilled salmon chunky cream   (D,S,G) - 68AED

VALGERAND crackers & pickles

The salmon trilogy   (D,G,S,N) - 95AED

Cold smoked Norwegian salmon, ten days sea salt cured salmon & chunky salmon spread

VALGERAND Nordic tastes

Creamy shrimp Skagen, crispy potato rösti, pickled onions & marinated cucumber

Chicken liver mousse   (D,G) - 45AED

VALGERAND brioche, marinated lingonberry & pickled onions

Grilled bone marrow and toast   (D,G) - 79AED

Capers, pickled onions & herbs

Steak tartare   (D,G) - 79AED

VALGERAND steak tartare, truffle mayo & spinach

Goat cheese and beetroot half-moon carpaccio   (D,N) - 55AED

Herbs, fresh salad leaves & honey-hazelnut dressing

Bread basket with spreads  (D,G,N) - 35AED

Egg spread, beetroot pesto & salted butter

Scandinavian pickles - 39AED

Salted cucumber, marinated carrots, cauliflower & kohlrabi


Creamy roasted carrot   (D,G) - 45AED

Carrot chips, pumpkin seeds & herbs

Nordic seafood   - 79AED

Salmon, cod, prawns, mussels, potato, carrot, leek & cream


Smoked Salmon salad   (S,N)  - 59AED

Mixed green leaves, smoked salmon, asparagus, cucumber, pickled onion & radish

Grilled Pawns salad (D,C) - 65AED

Mixed green leaves, grilled prawns, parsnip chips, boiled eggs & cherry tomatoes

Grilled Chicken salad  (D,C,S) - 55AED

Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese & potato sticks

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From charcoal grill and grill oven

Grilled Salmon Steak   (D,S) - 128AED

Smoked carrot cream, broccolini & burned butter with fresh herbs

Mussels, shrimp and salmon with asparagus, leek, caper & butter sauce

Black cod on a bed of creamy leak stew and shrimp bisque

Whole roasted chicken (D) - 126AED

Wild mushroom sauce, chunky tomato and pepper salsa

Smoky Swedish meatballs (D) - 92AED

Mushroom gravy, marinated beetroot & mashed potato

Onions & demi-glace sauce Angus Beef, tomato, pickles, onion jam, rocket salad, cheese, truffle mayo & potato wedges

Grilled beef liver   (G,D) - 96AED

Onion confit & demi-glaze sauce

Braised Oxtail (D) - 98AED

Gravy & grilled vegetables

Grilled Rib-eye steak 220 grams (D) - 225AED

Onion confit & demi-glace sauce

Grilled Tenderloin steak 220 grams   (D) - 265AED

Hasselback potatoes, grilled asparagus & green pepper sauce

Slow cooked Lamb Shank   (D) - 188AED

Mashed potato, gravy & selection of vegetables

Grilled cabbage and roasted cauliflower cream   (D) - 69AED

Side dishes - 39AED/each

- Seasonal green salad peanut butter and olive oil dressing (N)

- Red cabbage slaw carrots and flax seeds

- Crispy potato rösti Herb aioli

- Mashed potato Chives & crispy onions  (D)

- Charred and caramelized cauliflower purée Tossed & caramelized cauliflower (D)

- Potato wedges Thyme & garlic  (D)

- Beetroot barley orzotto Pumpkin seeds  (D)

- Smoked carrot cream Broccolini & burned butter with fresh herbs  (D)

- Parsnip Chips Truffle mayo

If you have any allergies or dietary requirements, kindly inform your server:
D Dairy – N Nuts – G Gluten – C Crustaceans – S Seafood - O Onion
All prices are in AED and inclusive of 5% VAT