Our story

The first time we arrived at Mamsha Saadiyat Beach, we instantly fell in love with the white sand and deep blue sea. It reminded us of a beautiful place in Estonia called Valgerand. It translates: the white beach, so it seemed more than suitable to name our restaurant after a place we have a connection with, both in Estonia and Abu Dhabi.

Once we entered the space of our new restaurant, it was clear that it was the perfect place to introduce pure and earthy Nordic cuisine. We bring with us the knowledge, techniques and traditions of the Estonian gastronomy and Nordic flavors. Our roots are deep in exploring and preserving nature, and we are happy to take you on this delightful journey through natural ingredients, fire and smoke.

In Valgerand, we respect nature and value each ingredient. We cook delicious food over open flame and in the unique cold smoker. We bring a hint of Estonian forest-grown berries and the creamy smoothness of fresh cheese. We invite you to explore the produce that the sea and the forest offer in the wild Nordic countries.
                        Our experienced Sommeliers carefully select our wines to enhance your tasting experience. Together with our Chef, Hannes Heinpalu, we aim to achieve the perfect pairing of Nordic flavours and wine.

True harmony is created by the smallest of details!

Welcome to VALGERAND, where a surprising journey of flavors and tastes will take you to the North, the time of a magic meal!